Fantasy creates reality every day.

Kat is an artist rooted in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her front-line experience with genre-bending, transmedia works
has helped her become uniquely skilled in the ever-growing fields
of Experiential Design,
Community Building, and Storytelling.

Kat's work strives to —
identify, articulate, and foster-forward
the core elements of human experience
that’ve stuck with us (and us with them) for millennia.

What do we choose to carry forward, 
wherever we’re headed,
for generations
to come?

The latest steps in her placemaking practice include —
permaculture gardening in the wilds of the East Bay,
bookkeeping for arts nonprofits,
& stewardship of the Bedtime Story Hotline.

Let's try to be the very best
human neighbors we can, shall we?

(she/her pronouns, plzty)

(she/her pronouns, plzty)