Fantasy creates reality every day.

Kat is an artist, creative director, producer, and civilian who has worked on a variety of transmedia projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her front-line experience with genre-bending projects and events has made her uniquely skilled in the growing field of Experiential Design (also called Immersive Theatre, Interactive Design, Experiential Theatre, or, her favorite, “Oh, so it’s Fluxus!”), as well as Community Building, and Storytelling.

With professional experience ranging from hands-on preservation of historic artifacts, to design of contemporary events and genre-bending artistic installations, Kat's work strives to identify and foster-forward the core elements of human experience that have stuck with us for millennia and deserve to be carried forward within us, wherever we go, for generations upon generations to come.

Let's try to be the very best humans we can, shall we?